Monday, July 13, 2009


We plan to structure and execute a daylong series of performances between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM with the help of artists and residents. The performances will be derived from their score entitled Block Party. The event will be publicized by Artist Organized Art, Inc. as part of the publicity for the Wonderland Exhibition.

The following Block Party events range approximately 10-30 minutes each:

#1 Calling the Winds: Performed as a metaphysical gesture to open the ceremonies, Calling the Winds creates a grounding event calling attention to the space and the beginning of the block party event. It is also performed at the close of the block party to return the space to its everyday life.

#2 Off-Hand Writing: A collection of titled hardbound journals are prepared and installed at various locations the day beforehand. Pens are provided and the public is invited to write and otherwise add to the journals. Each journal is prepared with partial stories and visuals, questions and facts about the Tenderloin. The journals are titled for the event.

#3 Pull Toy Parade: A parade of participants using pull toys of varied size and type found in the Tenderloin is led by two performers who exchange hats. This is followed by two performers who exchange shoes. This event is for all ages. Children are encouraged to participate.

#4 High Noon Concert: Local musicians assemble on each of four street corners. Each corner hosts an ensemble with a concert program chosen by the group. At noon, a banner of Tenderlogos is rolled out as each ensemble plays its program simultaneously. In the middle of the pedestrian walkway, a dancer and a musician perform the concert with stringed gloves and a bow.

#5 Megaphone Rooftop Poetry: Performers with megaphones and local newspapers are situated on several rooftops along the block. They read the local news simultaneously into the megaphones. Other artists prepare paper airplanes from their copies of the day’s news papers and throw them from the roofs into the block party. On the ground red and blue carpets are rolled out and performers in prepared garments walk the length of the carpets with scissors, cutting each other’s garments into red white and blue patterns.

#6 Listening Points: A series of posters are installed before the public using cornstarch. Each poster carries a suggestion about listening to sounds in the Tenderloin and how one might think about listening to those sounds. Each time a poster is installed, a new message appears.

#7 Found Object Orchestra: Performers assemble in the middle of the block each carrying one object found in the Tenderloin that was chosen for its particular sound characteristics. Each performer is equipped with a mallet. A downbeat is given by a conductor and each object is struck simultaneously just once. On the down beat, large boxes prepared with helium balloons are opened and the balloons fly into the air. Each balloon is prepared with a rice paper print of a bird associated with the Tenderloin.

#8 Follow The Money: Two performers exchange objects. One is carrying a suitcase full of prepared currency. The other is performing with a long rope. Following the rope, the other performer delivers the suit case. They exchange roles. This happens several times until the case is opened and the bills are given to the public.

#9 Calling the Winds: Performed as a metaphysical gesture to close the ceremonies, Calling the Winds creates a grounding event calling attention to the space and the ending of the block party event. It is also performed at the beginning of the block party.

#10 Round Midnight: A secret event is performed at midnight when a lone fiddler chooses a street location in the Tenderloin and performs Round Midnight as a weeping melody for violin. The public is unaware of the connection of the street performance to the Wonderland Exhibition or the Block Party.