Saturday, September 19, 2009

Block Party Events! 11am-5pm

Calling of the Winds
Performed as a gesture to open the WNA Block Party. Calling of the Winds creates a grounding event bringing attention to the physical space of Boedekker Park. It will also be performed at the close of the block party to return the space to every day life.

Listening Stations
A series of posters are installed at street view. Each poster carries a suggestion about listening to the sounds in the Tenderloin and how one might think about listening to those sounds. Each time a poster is installed a new message appears.

String Parade
A parade of public participants using an eclectic assortment of items attached to a string will pull or drag items along the given parade route. Freaks, geeks, and all the people that fall in between are welcome and highly encouraged to participate. The parade route and time of the event will be announced shortly.

Round Midnight
A secret event is performed at 9 p.m on a Tenderloin street corner. A lone violinist will perform Thelonius Monk’s Round Midnight, as a sort of weeping melody and as a reinterpretation of the original score.
performed by: Charith Premawarddhana

Super Burner #5
Taking place on the corner of Mason and Market, Super Burner Number Five is a collaborative street art performance by nationally renowned artists Apex, Vulcan, and Neon. The creation of the mural will begin two weeks prior to the opening of the WNA Block Party, and will be created using the imagery that highlights the cultural and historical currents that characterize the Tenderloin neighborhood. The performance will end just prior to the final, Calling of the Winds.

Park Performers (to date):
Poets from Living Miracle productions. Theses performers will be reciting their amazing pieces throughout the day:
Performances by:
Dee Allen
Rita Whitaker
Raina "Scar" Feger

Musicians (to date):
Classical Revolution/Music Students from DeMarillac Academy
Thank You Julius
North Beach Brass Band
The Goat Family

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